Jesuit Mission

The vision and mission behind these three schools is to create a Jesuit educational ecosystem that impacts not only the students but also their families, neighborhoods, and the city of Baltimore itself.  The schools form an emerging and continuing education enterprise from preschool through middle school, high school into college and graduate school, that focuses on creating a core group of present and future highly educated citizens composed of lawyers, teachers, business executives, and other skilled professionals who will be the leaders of tomorrow, creating a whole new Baltimore.

• The Loyola Early Learning Center (LELC) is a parish preschool daycare center and early childhood education program, rooted in a Catholic Jesuit tradition of personal care, learning, and spiritual growth. The LELC is focused on the holistic development of children: physical, emotional, cognitive, creative, social, behavioral, and spiritual.  The majority of the students are from low-income families. Scholarships are available for children from such families.*
* = Graduates of the LELC are encouraged to continue their education at St. James and John Elementary School in East Baltimore. Applicants from the LELC will be given special consideration.
• The program of St. Ignatius Loyola Academy is specifically tailored to the intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of middle school-aged boys, building character and creating opportunities for our students to change the direction of their lives through education.

• Cristo Rey Jesuit High School exists to transform lives. We are a Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school, empowering students to succeed in college, work, and life. In partnership with the Maryland Jesuits, the Cristo Rey network, and the Baltimore business community, our school embraces low-income families of religious, racial, and ethnic diversity. We nurture our students to be men and women in the service to others through academic achievement, business experience, faith formation, and civic leadership.

The Loyola Early Learning Center is the third school founded as an outreach of St. Ignatius Parish, located in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore City, to allow children to transform their lives through education.  St. Ignatius Loyola Academy, a middle school for boys in Grades 5 through 8, and the co-educational Cristo Rey Jesuit High School also share the mission of ensuring that Baltimore City families have access to high-quality education. 

In 1993, the Maryland Jesuits opened St. Ignatius Loyola Academy exclusively for young boys from families of limited means, in response to the critical need for quality education for children of poor families in the city of Baltimore.  Aware that they needed to do more, they founded Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in 2007.

Now, realizing that they need to do even more (magis), the Maryland Jesuits of St. Ignatius Parish opened the co-educational Loyola Early Learning Center for preschoolers one block from the church in Fall 2017. With the opening of the Loyola Early Learning Center, the Jesuits and their lay colleagues are offering more than 500 students in Baltimore City a rigorous education in the 470-year-old tradition of Jesuit schools.