PreK-4 Program

The last year of preschool is the most critical for achieving kindergarten-readiness. Our 4s Program utilizes a proven, evidence-based curriculum called Blueprint for Early Literacy.

We’ve also adopted an assessment program to pinpoint each student’s strengths and needs. The final step before graduation is our Summer Kindergarten-Readiness Initiative.

The 4s Program is more academic than what our children experienced in their 2s and 3s classrooms. We focus on learning letters, numbers and science concepts as well as the use of technology.

Our students learn to write their names, effectively communicate how they feel (and why), identify colors and shapes and count to 20. They develop pre-reading skills.

Each child has the opportunity to learn on a classroom Chromebook or iPad, using these tools to complete supervised educational activities.

We recognize that not all children learn at the same pace, which is why our assessment tools and small classroom size are important. The teacher helps children individually, providing what each needs. We offer alternative programs for students who can already read.

Writing & Literacy

Scientific Thinking

Mathematical Skills

Computers & Technology

“His teacher shares her love of books with her children. I know this is a skill that my child will need for the rest of his life.”

PreK-4 parent

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

The Blueprint for Literacy curriculum emphasizes phonics and early reading concepts, helping our 4s develop skills they need to begin reading. They will learn to tell you the sound they hear at the beginning of a word. They will identify letters and words that rhyme and learn to look at a book front to back and left to right.

To ensure that each student is ready when it’s time to enter kindergarten, our teachers use this proven curriculum in combination with ESGI, an online assessment platform administered twice each year. This tool, used by many teachers and reading specialists from Pre-K through second grade, gives our teachers the information they need to work effectively with each child one-on-one. We track each child’s progress; we provide each child’s family with a detailed report and resources such as flashcards for working at home on areas needing improvement.

Curriculum Themes


Welcome to School


Plants & Gardens


People and Places in My Neighborhood




Under Construction


People on the Move


Food and Markets


Daily Life in Many Lands




Farms and Folktales

Summer Kindergarten-Readiness Initiative

The summer before graduation from TLS is the last step in ensuring kindergarten readiness.

Our PreK-4 students are evaluated throughout the summer program to ensure they are fully prepared for a successful transition to kindergarten, wherever they enroll.

The PreK-4 teachers plan a comprehensive summer curriculum to avoid summer slide.

They continue their year long focus on the key areas of kindergarten-readiness: reading and literacy, math, science and social-behavioral classroom skills.

Each week includes daily lessons on a specific theme, at-home activities, science experiments and kinesthetic activities. We also play games that help sharpen cognitive skills, such as letter identification, patterns and memory.

Writes name, uppercase letters

Counts to 20, knows shapes

Draws self, knows colors

Demonstrates pre-reading skills

Knows positional words