About Us

Mission Statement

In the Jesuit Catholic tradition of academic learning, personal care, and spiritual growth, The Loyola School offers a scholarship-based education for children of Baltimore City families of limited means aged two through the fourth* grade.

Our dedicated faculty honors the uniqueness of each child and nurtures the promise of all children by providing a caring and supportive environment where they can be active, engaged, and reflective learners.

We partner with our parents to accompany our children as they develop the competence, character, and confidence to become leaders in their classroom, their school and, ultimately, the greater Baltimore community and beyond.

*TLS added a kindergarten class in September 2021 and will add one grade level each year until 2025, when we reach our projected full enrollment of kindergarten, first, second, third, and fourth-grade students. In the 2022/2023 school year, TLS’s elementary school is only offering Kindergarten and first-grade classes.

Focus on the whole child: physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual growth


Kindergarten-ready to meet challenges of elementary school

Scholarships awarded to all children from low-income families

“Education is our priority, and TLS has made it possible for us to provide our daughter with a good foundation for her education. So far, TLS has strengthened her social and emotional development, school readiness, language and cognitive skills, academics and self-confidence.”

TLS Parent

Our Vision

Rev. William J. “Bill” Watters, S.J., opened Loyola Early Learning Center in 2017 to address the lack of quality early learning opportunities for low-income children in Baltimore City.

On June 29, 2021, The Loyola Early Learning Center (LELC) changed its name to The Loyola School to reflect its expanded mission, now including a new elementary school.

TLS added a Kindergarten in September 2021, a first grade in 2022, and will add one grade level each year until 2025, when we reach our projected full enrollment of K-4 students.

The overarching goal of TLS is to remedy socioeconomic disparity in kindergarten and middle school readiness among underserved children living in Baltimore City.

We provide our students with a high-quality preschool and Kindergarten curriculum, characterized by individualized student support and parent involvement.

Rev. Watters has a long-standing Jesuit Tradition in responding to the critical need for quality education for children of low-income families in Baltimore City.

TLS is modeled to follow the success of St. Ignatius Loyola Academy, which has educated middle school-aged boys since 1993, and Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, established in 2007. Father Watters founded both schools, aiming to provide disadvantaged students with a high-quality education.

Research shows the highest rate of return in education comes from investing in children as early as possible. Children from disadvantaged environments, however, are least likely to get the support they need. Our objective is to disrupt this pattern!

The vision and mission behind these three schools are to create a Jesuit educational ecosystem that impacts not only the students but also their families, neighborhoods and the city of Baltimore itself.

The schools form an emerging and continuing education enterprise from preschool through middle school, and from high school into college and graduate school, that focuses on creating a core group of highly educated citizens—lawyers, teachers, business executives, and other skilled professionals—who will be the leaders of tomorrow, creating a whole new Baltimore.

Make a difference in a child’s life.

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Our Jesuit Approach

Cura Personalis

Our students benefit from small class sizes, new facilities, health screening, learning assessments, social services, and an engaging experiential learning program.

TLS teachers use evidence-based best practices and know that children benefit from play and instruction, from both teacher-directed and child-directed activity.

“Kindergarten ready” preschool graduates develop literacy skills and experience science and math concepts throughout the curriculum.

“Middle school ready” elementary school graduates will develop study habits, organizational skills, and learn to create and cultivate passions.

Daily physical and interactive activities advance gross and fine motor coordination as well as cultivate social and emotional skills (conflict resolution, group play) and spirituality. A nutritious breakfast and lunch are served each day, along with snacks.

Our administration staff includes a Principal, Director, Executive Assistant, Academic Support Lead Teacher, Social Worker, and Coordinator for Mission and Identity.


As a Jesuit school, our focus is on “doing more.” And emphasizing “the better.”

We do not just look at the child, we look at the whole family and provide educational opportunities, counseling, workshops, classes, and a Family Emergency Fund for our parents.

We do not just stop doing the work at the end of the school year, we are open year-round, giving our parents confidence that their children are in a safe environment all day, every day.

Men & Women for Others

At TLS, we connect students and parents to people and resources in our community that enrich their learning and wellbeing. Some of these include:


Workshops led by doctors of Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Maryland Hospital to discuss toddler health and nutrition and to answer parent questions.

Clinicians from Loyola University Maryland’s Clinical Centers work directly with our students on common issues around speech, hearing, understanding, and using language to communicate.
The Loyola University Maryland Psychology Department provides parent workshops on Positive Parenting and Speech and Language /development
Our Reading Buddies program connects students with a reading mentor who attends St. Ignatius Loyola Academy.
Student musicians from Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University and Towson State University to play their instruments for our children and offer interactive lessons.

Volunteers of all ages come to support our students and families by offering their skills and expertise, for example Mrs. Joanne Manzo, CNP, provides a “Mindfulness” workshop to teach all of us techniques for calming down and centering when stressed.