At the Loyola Early Learning Center, the development of your child is our focus.

We provide an age-appropriate curriculum and activities customized to help your child progress in a nurturing environment.

Our year-round program ensures your child doesn’t experience learning loss in the summer months and receives consistent learning and care. Accepted students are not required to apply annually; one application is all you will need for three years of education, regardless of circumstances!

Our Education Program

The preschool years are among the most critical for a child’s development and growth, especially in terms of cognitive learning and speech and language.

Our goal is to graduate children who are kindergarten-ready and set up for success in their elementary school years and beyond.

Our curriculum for 2s and 3s is derived from recommendations and curriculum approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.

For our 4s, we use the curriculum BluePrint for Literacy, which is focused on introducing relevant, authentic reading materials and purposeful play to prepare children for kindergarten.

Our program helps those living or working with young children to recognize appropriate behaviors and set realistic expectations for their growth, development, and learning.

Health and Wellness Support

We often partner with community groups, licensed nurses and academic institutions to provide children with additional evaluation, mental health support and enrichment. In the past, we have worked with Loyola University’s speech pathology students to conduct hearing tests and speech evaluation. Loyola students also provide one-on-one support for students with speech delays. We have also worked with a licensed nurse to provide mindfulness programs, including meditation and breathing.