Introducing The Loyola School: Elementary K-4

On June 29, 2021, the Loyola Early Learning Center (LELC) changed its name to The Loyola School to reflect its expanded mission, now including a new elementary school (grades K-4). We invest in Baltimore’s earliest learners when it matters most through high-quality early learning from preschool through grades K-4, equipping them for success in middle school and life.

The school will build upon the successful model of LELC by offering quality kindergarten through fourth grade to 200 children including current LELC students and other Baltimore City boys and girls.

This elementary school will provide high-quality education that leads to improved outcomes to meet the needs of at-risk students in Baltimore City and ensures that the key ingredients to student success—access to early childhood programs, effective teachers, rigorous curriculum, and parent involvement—are available to them.

TLS will add a kindergarten in September 2021 and add one grade each year.


The Loyola School (TLS), a preschool/elementary K-4, is an initiative of St. Ignatius Catholic Community and the Jesuit USA East Province.

TLS is a year-round, private, independent Catholic school in the Jesuit tradition which welcomes families of various religious practices. Our mission is to remedy the socioeconomic educational disparity among Baltimore City children.

We offer a high-quality curriculum, characterized by individualized support for our students and by parent involvement. Scholarships are awarded to all children accepted.


Our founder, Rev. Bill Watters, S.J., and the Board of Trustees plan to renovate buildings donated by the St. Ignatius Historic Trust to The Loyola School to construct the new elementary school.

A Capital Campaign is underway to raise funds to cover building construction and three-year operating costs.


Students must be residents of Baltimore City; families must meet financial eligibility and interview with our Admissions Team.

Scholarships are awarded to all students, while families are required to invest $5 per week in their child’s education.

Parent education programs take place monthly and volunteer hours are required. Parents/guardians must also sign a contract with the school each year.


Our faculty consists of teachers trained in early childhood education, plus a director, executive assistant, social worker and academic support teacher/ coach.

One of our LELC families who have enrolled their child in The Loyola School Kindergarten.

“Our aim is to foster not only our students’ academic achievement but also their cognitive, affective, spiritual and social growth.”

Fr. William J. Watters, S.J.
President, Loyola Early Learning Center


Classes are in session year-round. The school day runs from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm during the academic semesters and 8:30 am to 3:00 pm during the 8-week summer program.

The school closes for two weeks in August for vacation and maintenance.


The funding model is similar to LELC. Key donors are asked to commit to a three-to-five-year sponsorship of $15,000 per year to support a student’s education.

Sponsors may also share the cost of a scholarship with other donors.

We support all students with a scholarship funded by sponsors or donations to the General Scholarship Fund.

Interested in Learning More?

Call 443-563-2589 or email William Nathan to schedule an appointment to tour The Loyola School. When you schedule a private tour, we can answer any questions you have and personalize your tour for your student and family’s interests.

You can also contact the school director at 443-563-2589 or email Erica Meadows at