IRA & Stock Gifts

Gifts of Stocks or Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities held for longer than one year enable the donor to receive an income tax charitable deduction for the fair-market value while avoiding capital gains tax. Gifts of securities can fund a student sponsorship, establish an endowment fund, or help support The Loyola School operations.

Account Name: The Loyola School
Account Number: 4765-3590
Broker: Jemma Financial Services/Thurston Springer
DTC #: 0141
TLS Tax ID/EIN: 81-3725495

Contact for assistance:
Gay G. Wagner, Jemma Financial Services, (443) 652-4203

In order to receive a timely tax receipt, please contact Candra Healy at ​443-563-2589 ext. 120 or via email, and confirm your name, mailing address, and the number and type of stocks donated.

Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA

If you are 72 years of age or older and looking to fulfill your annual required minimum distribution, you can give directly to The Loyola School through a qualified charitable distribution using funds in your IRA account, including Traditional, Rollover, Inherited, inactive SEP, and inactive SIMPLE plans. (Employer-sponsored funds, such as 401k or 403b funds, are not included in this tax provision.) Ask your IRA custodian about making a qualified charitable distribution to TLS today!  Our Tax ID/EIN is 81-3725495.

Give Through Your Donor Advised Fund

Keep The Loyola School in mind as you make your annual disbursements from your donor-advised fund. You can find TLS listed as The Loyola School (formerly known as the Loyola Early Learning Center, Inc.), Tax ID number: 81-3725495.

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