Our Programs

Our year-round structured early learning program is characterized by high-quality curriculum, small group instruction, individualized support, and enrichment activities. Our goal is for each child to graduate from LELC “kindergarten-ready,” prepared for success in elementary school and beyond.

Kindergarten Readiness and Daily Activities

To help our students become “kindergarten-ready,” we develop their literacy skills and expose them to science and math concepts throughout the curriculum.

Daily physical and interactive activities advance gross and fine motor coordination and cultivate social and emotional skills (such as conflict resolution and group play) and spirituality.

A nutritious breakfast and lunch are served each day, along with mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

Our teachers pursue professional development and receive coaching support, helping them to master the integration of curricular goals and standards into classroom practices.

Student-Teacher Ratios

Our teacher-child ratios enable our teachers to focus on the individual needs of the children and engage them in meaningful interactions.

Studies show that class size and staff-child ratios affect educational outcomes.

Data from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Study of Early Child Care involved a sample of 1,364 children from diverse backgrounds in nine states. Children whose classrooms met more of the recommended standards displayed greater school readiness and language comprehension and fewer behavior problems at 36 months old.

Research and teacher feedback both demonstrate that the most successful classroom learning results from small-group lessons.

Our intimate learning environments are the most effective tool to address our students’ kindergarten-readiness obstacles. Small class sizes allow teachers to meet students’ individual behavioral, emotional and academic needs.


Small Classrooms


9-10 Students


1 Accredited Teacher


1 Assistant Teacher per class


New Facilities


Health Screenings


Learning Assessments


An Engaging Experiential Learning Program

Additional Offerings


Hearing & Speech Evaluations


Pre-Literacy Early Intervention


Reading Buddies Program


Music Program

Includes visits from Peabody Institute and Towson University musicians


Fully-Integrated Art-Education Program

With visits to the Enoch Pratt Library and Walters Art Museum

Our overarching mission is to remedy the socioeconomic disparity in kindergarten readiness among Baltimore City children by providing a high-quality preschool curriculum, characterized by individualized student support and parent involvement.

Our Classrooms

2-Year Old Program

In our 2s Program, we focus on getting children accustomed to a classroom setting, fostering positive play and communication development.

3-Year Old Program

In our 3s Program, children progress to social-emotional activities, and learn how to use communication skills to express themselves and their emotions.

4-Year Old Program

In our 4s-Pre-K Program, students are in an academically oriented environment. They learn letters, numbers, science concepts and use of technology. Every child works on a Chromebook or iPad to complete supervised educational activities.