Student Scholarships

We believe that every child should have access to quality early learning opportunities.

We offer full scholarships to all children who meet our eligibility requirements.

We simply ask parents or guardians to adhere to the commitments outlined in their signed parent contract and keep their child’s scholarship sponsor(s) up to date on their child’s progress at TLS with thoughtful thank you notes, updates, photographs, and artwork throughout the year.

Our Scholarship Process


We evaluate families based on their eligibility for our scholarship program. You can find more information on eligibility by visiting our enrollment page.

Scholarship Sponsors

Once admitted to TLS, we assign each child to a scholarship sponsor. Some children may have more than one scholarship sponsor since we offer our sponsors the opportunity to fund scholarships at different levels.


We also send “All About Me” worksheets home for parents to complete with their child, and will often ask for additional photographs or artwork to send to sponsors throughout the year.

Scholarship Stewardship Program

We ask parents to participate in our “scholarship stewardship program” to thank sponsors’ for their financial support and provide updates on their child’s progress at TLS in the form of thank you letters three times per year.

TLS is a community that really has the best interests of the students at heart, and they work really hard to try to develop strong relationships with the families and students. I like that parents are really involved at TLS…it’s so much more than just ‘pick up and drop off.’ I appreciate that we are expected to be more involved because for working parents it can be really hard to stay engaged at my child’s school. The Saturday classes have been really helpful too!”

PreK-3 parent

In addition to participating in our scholarship stewardship program, we require all parents or guardians to:


Apply for Scholarship Vouchers

We request that every family apply for the Maryland child care scholarship vouchers program.


Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents or caregivers must attend parent-teacher conferences once per semester (twice per year).


Attend Parent Workshops

We ask parents and guardians to attend monthly Parent Workshops, one Saturday each month. Learn more here.


Arrive on Time

Make every effort to adhere to pick up/drop off times and have children in school each day, and coordinate with the school administration regarding excused or planned absences.



Families volunteer at TLS 10 hours per semester (20 hours per year).



We ask families to contribute $10 per week ($40 per month) in parent fees.